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Getting Started with C3 Integrity

Now that you have your new instance of C3 Integrity it is time to work out how you can make best use of it.

A good place to start is reading through the overview page.

Once you are familiar with the general concepts, follow these steps to start uploading your files.

1. Navigate to the URL of your C3 Integrity Instance

2. Create your initial users

The first time you log into your instance of C3 Integrity you will be taken through the user creation wizard. This wizard will prompt you for an administrator user name and password, and a file containing the list of all of your users.

If you do not wish to create other users at this time you can create them later through the user creation screen.

3. Create your data sets

For more details, this page describes creating new data sets.

If you have a CSV file with your data sets C3 Integrity will inspect that file, using the header row to create the attributes and inspecting the first row to create the attribute validations.

If you don't have a CSV file which describes your data set you can create it manually. Here is a link to a video demonstrating how to do this.

4. Determine what formats you want to use

Each data set needs a format before you can upload data to it. This format maps the file you upload to the data set.

For more details see this page.

5. Upload some data

Uploading Data

6. Spend some time modelling your data

Now that you have gone through the process of getting some data uploaded into C3 Integrity, you need to spend some time planning the structure of your data.

Create your data model, and then translate that data model back into data sets within C3 Integrity.