How to Open A Support Call

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How To Open A Support Call

In order to get in touch with support you should have been provided with the support email address. Escalations should go directly to Robert Postill or your account representative.

Something Went Wrong

In the common case you should get a Something Went Wrong (often called a 500) page when there's a problem with the application. In which case you should provide the following items to support:

  1. A “Something went wrong” with:
    • A time to focus on
    • A location (often captured via a screenshot)
    • A set of steps to recreate the issue.
  2. An exception notification, which comes from one of two locations:
    • An email with stack trace (each email has [C3i] in the title)
    • A New Relic alert, which C3 support will receive telling us about the error rate rising

Instance Down

This is irregular but if it happens then the following should also be checked:

  • The metadata database is up
  • The staging database is up
  • It's possible to get network connectivity between the databases and Integrity
  • If a mail server is defined that is accepting connections

All of these need to be in place for Integrity to be restart properly.