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This is the C3 Integrity end-user help wiki, the User Guide for C3 Integrity, a data acquisition, collation, and verification product by C3 Business Solutions.

C3 Integrity is a web-based application to upload records to important organisational data sets. The data is validated and can be corrected interactively. Data can be assembled in Microsoft Excel, a text editor, or produced by up-stream source systems.

Users can submit data through the web interface, which uses table and field definitions and business rules to confirm the data is correctly formatted and error-free.


Here you will find an overview of the C3 Integrity system, concepts and procedures. This content is maintained by the team at C3 Business Solutions and our partners. Each page in the Integrity application has a help link to a relevant page in this wiki. We're also starting an Integrity Field Guide to help speed the resolution of common issues.

Before contacting support please familiarise yourself with the Rules of Engagement followed by How To Open A Support Call and How To Request A New Feature.


The wiki explains the core concepts and vocabulary used by the package, and shows how to complete the important activities from the perspective of the three main user roles: Data Submitter, Group Administrator and Data Set Modeller. After suitable introductory training and after reading this document, you should be able to use the system for all common tasks.

This document is directed at current and potential users of C3 Integrity and first-level support team members. Readers are assumed to be familiar with web-browser usage. They are also assumed to understand the meaning of the data they are uploading and the actions to correct data so it conforms to business rules. This knowledge is related to the end-to-end reporting solution that C3 Integrity is part of.