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Resetting a user's password

To reset a user’s password and automatically send them an email with their new details:

  1. Follow ‘users’ from the menu bar
  2. Click on the name of the user for whom you would like to reset the password
  3. IntegrityResetPassword.png

  4. Ensure the email address is correct
  5. Click ‘reset password’

IntegrityWikiSuccess.PNGSuccess: A message ‘password reset!’ will appear on the screen.

Note: The user will now need to check their email and use the new password for logging in.

The user will be able to change the password after logging in by clicking on their user name in the top right-hand corner of the menu bar, and then following ‘change password’ from the navigation menu. (This option is only available to one’s own account).

Note: The "password_reset" feature will need to be enabled for passwords changes and reset options to be available.

Error: If the user tries to log in with the old password after the administrator has reset the password, the authentication will fail.

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